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Tacky Drush-Based Drupal Installer Script

I'm often kicking off new ideas and projects with Drupal and Bootstrap. By default, I'll usually install modules like Pathauto, Jquery_update, Webform, and others, including Ckedtior and Libraries. This also handles any SymlinksIfOwnerMatch issues in .htaccess depending on your environment. This was created for Virtualmin, so your mileage may vary without some editing. 

HTML5 Field Validation With Drupal, Bootstrap, and jQuery

In converting Start Bootstrap's Freelancer theme into a responsive Drupal theme that can take advantage of Drupal's regions and blocks, I also wanted to implement the same HTML5, jQuery, and Bootstrap based contact form field validation that the Freelancer theme came with.

Drupal Webform Nodevalues For Passing Data to a Webform Block

On a client's Drupal 6 based websites, we we wanted to create a seminar registration process where the marketing people could simply supply the information for a seminar content type, and the same registration webform could be re-used for each seminar.