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Jumbo and Jumbo-Mini Impulse Tracker Font for Renoise

UPDATE: These will also work in Redux if you rename one to PatternFont.ttf and overwrite the font in the Redux folder. I should simply make a compatible .ttf from scratch, but this works for now. Tested in Windows.

I:X/Y Tremor for Renoise

For quite some time, trackers have been my weapon of choice for audio sequencing. Moving from Scream Tracker, to Impulse Tracker, then Schism Tracker, and now Renoise, it took some adjusting to relearn shortcuts and regain the speed and muscle memory. It was especially challenging with Renoise, as its shortcuts are primarily Fasttracker based, which are relatively foreign to me. With Renoise's LUA api integration, we were able to add a few missing features that we enjoyed in other trackers, like the ability to access and sequence the octave column directly with a single shortcut, and specific select/cut/paste methods like re-double selection size. I was able to accomplish this using not Renoise's LUA Tools API, but the hidden/deprecated DSP Device.

Two Impulse Tracker Based Renoise Color Themes

Trying to make myself feel more at home, I decided to create two color themes for Renoise. One is color-for-color a replica of the old Impulse Tracker Vintage theme, which may itself be based off ST3.