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Super Nintendo Wavetable Sample Explosion

Unlike the NES Sound Effect and Bumper Explosion, these are not necessarily sound effects, phrases, or samples that may be recognized as vocal, percussive, or even musical.

Nintendo NES Sound Effect and Bumper Explosion

Jumbo and Jumbo-Mini Impulse Tracker Font for Renoise

UPDATE: These will also work in Redux if you rename one to PatternFont.ttf and overwrite the font in the Redux folder. I should simply make a compatible .ttf from scratch, but this works for now. Tested in Windows.

Mystify Your Mind With the Kinect

Not much to say. It's a processing.js script that's controlled by the Microsoft Kinect using puredata and OSC. There is also resulting MIDI data that may be sent to a loopback and used to control music in Ableton Live. The painting is controlled with both hands, and whether or not your right hand is on the canvas is controlled by its distance from your torso. The End.

Isolated Drum Tracks Extracted: Bonham, Moon, Peart, Copeland, Grohl & Starr

I've been seeing this article getting spammed around lately. It includes a list of youtube videos where popular pop songs have had their drum tracks isolated, some with greater success than others. Anyone who wishes to actually use these tracks in their favorite DAW would have to go through the effort of retrieving the audio from the videos; preferably in the highest quality format. Using the command-line python project, youtube-dl, I've already done this for you. The audio has been extracted from the HD versions of the videos, and converted to 44.1k 16bit WAV files. I've also normalized them a bit.

How to Organize and Store Cables

Throughout our short lives, many of us have managed to amass encumbering quantities of power cables, network cables, patch cables, cable adapters, usb cables, firewire cables, hdmi cables, and more cables. Most idiots, me being one of them, have wandered through it thinking it was sufficient to simply keep them rolled up and tossed into a crate or dj bag, possibly secured with some velcro or rubber bands. This inevitably results into the katamariesque constuction of a useless "all-in-one-cable" which may allow you to observe the cable you immediately require, but will probably put around five to five hundred minutes between you and it's usability. The solution: zippered ziploc zipper bags; replete with labels and a file cabinet; or be creative. Use the bags. 

I:X/Y Tremor for Renoise

For quite some time, trackers have been my weapon of choice for audio sequencing. Moving from Scream Tracker, to Impulse Tracker, then Schism Tracker, and now Renoise, it took some adjusting to relearn shortcuts and regain the speed and muscle memory. It was especially challenging with Renoise, as its shortcuts are primarily Fasttracker based, which are relatively foreign to me. With Renoise's LUA api integration, we were able to add a few missing features that we enjoyed in other trackers, like the ability to access and sequence the octave column directly with a single shortcut, and specific select/cut/paste methods like re-double selection size. I was able to accomplish this using not Renoise's LUA Tools API, but the hidden/deprecated DSP Device.