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Raiders of the Lost Ark (1981) - soderbergh edit

One of my top few favorite directors and soundtrack composers collaborated to remix Raiders as a study

I also generated some synchronized english subtitles for posterity.

How to Organize and Store Cables

Throughout our short lives, many of us have managed to amass encumbering quantities of power cables, network cables, patch cables, cable adapters, usb cables, firewire cables, hdmi cables, and more cables. Most idiots, me being one of them, have wandered through it thinking it was sufficient to simply keep them rolled up and tossed into a crate or dj bag, possibly secured with some velcro or rubber bands. This inevitably results into the katamariesque constuction of a useless "all-in-one-cable" which may allow you to observe the cable you immediately require, but will probably put around five to five hundred minutes between you and it's usability. The solution: zippered ziploc zipper bags; replete with labels and a file cabinet; or be creative. Use the bags. 

Easy Fancy Mixed Nut Jar Label Removal

Manually peeling sticky labels from jars can be overly stressful and very demanding of one's time. A solution to this problem is using gravity to automatically peel the label from the surface for you.

Minecraft Rice Krispie Treats

It's an hour before a holiday dinner with your multitudes of relatives, and you need to be a good uncle. Go! Go! Go!