tag: devops

Tacky Drush-Based Drupal Installer Script

I'm often kicking off new ideas and projects with Drupal and Bootstrap. By default, I'll usually install modules like Pathauto, Jquery_update, Webform, and others, including Ckedtior and Libraries. This also handles any SymlinksIfOwnerMatch issues in .htaccess depending on your environment. This was created for Virtualmin, so your mileage may vary without some editing. 

Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Virtual Machine

I wanted to create a DOS VM to allow people to play Infocom's Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Interactive Fiction Game as it was originally designed to be played. The recently rehashed web-based versions available online which include additional graphics and maps I find to be a little tacky and lend to removing the player from their own imagination. This can also be done with other DOS emulators and the original floppy images, but I think grabbing VirtualBox, and firing up a 3MB VM is a little easier for most people than setting up DOSBox and wrangling the files; Free to illegally download due to the inclusion of MS-DOS.