Playlists From the Book: Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s

I've been reading Mad World: An Oral History of New Wave Artists and Songs That Defined the 1980s. Each chapter has a playlist of five songs, so I made a complete playlist of all of them on Spotify. Enjoy.

MIXTAPE: 5 More Acts of Culture Plunder 1 . Buffalo Gals, Malcolm McLaren 2. Rapture, Blondie 3. Aie A Mwana, Bananarama 4. John Wayne Is Big Leggy, Haysi Fantayzee 5. Tantalize, Jimmy the Hoover

MIXTAPE: 5 More Synthetic Songs Filled with Paranoia and Alienation 1. Airwaves, Thomas Dolby 2. Ghosts, Japan 3. Suburbia, Pet Shop Boys 4. Underpass, John Foxx 5. Private Plane, Thomas Leer

MIXTAPE: 5 More Sexy Songs About Sex 1. Into You Like a Train, Psychedelic Furs 2. Total Control, The Motels 3. Kiss Me, Tin Tin 4. So Alive, Love and Rockets 5. Master and Servant, Depeche Mode

MIXTAPE: 5 More Dark, Depressing, Doom-Filled Dance-Floor Classics 1. Dr. Mabuse, Propaganda 2. I Travel, Simple Minds 3. Der Mussolini, D.A.F. 4. Sensoria, Cabaret Voltaire 5. Living in Oblivion, Anything Box

MIXTAPE: 5 More Melodramatic Songs About Heartbreak 1. Say Hello, Wave Goodbye, Soft Cell 2. Waves, Blancmange 3. No More ‘I Love You’s,’ The Lover Speaks 4. The Promise, When in Rome 5. The Promise You Made, Cock Robin

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by Bands of Weirdos 1. Making Plans for Nigel, XTC 2. Rock Lobster, The B-52s 3. The Number One Song in Heaven, Sparks 4. Human Fly, The Cramps 5. Once in a Lifetime, Talking Heads

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from Liverpool 1. Reward, The Teardrop Explodes 2. Touch, Lori and the Chameleons 3. The World, Dalek I Love You 4. The Story of the Blues, The Mighty Wah! 5. Flaming Sword, Care

MIXTAPE: 5 More Blue-Eyed British-Soul Songs 1. Careless Whisper, Wham! featuring George Michael 2. Digging Your Scene, The Blow Monkeys 3. Bad Day, Carmel 4. Closest Thing to Heaven, Kane Gang 5. Oh Patti (Don’t Feel Sorry for Loverboy), Scritti Politti

MIXTAPE: 5 More End-of-the-Seventies Songs That Pointed the Way to the Eighties 1. Boys Don’t Cry , The Cure 2. Bela Lugosi’s Dead, Bauhaus 3. Hong Kong Garden, Siouxsie and the Banshees 4. At Home He’s a Tourist, Gang of Four 5. Public Image, Public Image Ltd.

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from New Groups That Grew out of Old Groups 1. Rush , Big Audio Dynamite 2. Rise , Public Image Ltd. 3. Oh L’Amour, Erasure 4. My Ever Changing Moods, The Style Council 5. Johnny Come Home, Fine Young Cannibals

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs Named After Girls 1. Louise, The Human League 2. Christine, Siouxsie and the Banshees 3. Charlotte Sometimes, The Cure 4. Stand Down Margaret, English Beat 5. Joan of Arc, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark

MIXTAPE: 5 More New Wave Cover Versions 1 . Always Something There to Remind Me, Naked Eyes 2. Rock’N’ Roll / Nightclubbing, The Human League 3. If You Want Me to Stay, Ronny 4. Femme Fatale, Propaganda 5. Memphis Tennessee, Silicon Teens

MIXTAPE: 5 More Quirky, Female-Fronted Songs 1. Give Me Back My Man, The B-52s 2. How to Pick Up Girls, The Little Girls 3. Who Does Lisa Like?, Rachel Sweet 4. Lucky Number, Lene Lovich 5. Call Me Every Night, Jane Aire and the Belvederes

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from Trustworthy Labels 1. Is That All There Is?, Cristina ( ZE) 2. Moments in Love, Art of Noise (ZTT) The‘Sweetest’ Girl, Scritti Politti (Rough Trade) 4. You’re No Good, ESG (Factory) 5. Song to the Siren, This Mortal Coil (4AD)

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by Bands with Interesting Names 1. Love Missile F1-11, Sigue Sigue Sputnik 2. Papa’s Got a Brand-New Pigbag, Pigbag 3. The Smile and the Kiss, Bonk 4. I Eat Cannibals, Total Coelo 5. Doot Doot, Freur

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs About Science, Technology, and Robots 1. Video Killed the Radio Star, The Buggles 2. I Dream of Wires, Gary Numan 3. Weird Science, Oingo Boingo 4. E = MC2, Big Audio Dynamite 5. Science, Berlin Blondes

MIXTAPE: 5 More Love Songs with Ice In Their Veins 1. I’m in Love with a German Film Star, The Passions 2. Love Shadow, Fashion 3. Another Girl, Another Planet, The Only Ones 4. The Last Beat of My Heart, Siouxsie and the Banshees 5. You Have Placed a Chill in My

MIXTAPE: 5 Favorite Synth Songs of Vince Clarke (in no particular order) 1. Always, OMD 2. Dreams of Leaving, The Human League 3. Cars, Gary Numan 4. Warm Leatherette, The Normal 5. Back to Nature, Fad Gadget

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by Duos 1. West End Girls, Pet Shop Boys 2. Since Yesterday, Strawberry Switchblade 3. Club Country , The Associates 4. White Horse, Laid Back 5. Dream Baby Dream, Suicide

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by British Women 1. Just What I Always Wanted, Mari Wilson 2. It’s a Mystery, Toyah 3. Weak in the Presence of Beauty,  Alison Moyet 4. They Don’t Know, Kirsty MacColl 5. Eighth Day, Hazel O’Connor

MIXTAPE: 5 More Positive, Upbeat Songs 1 . Our House , Madness 2. In a Big Country, Big Country 3. Happy Birthday, Altered Images 4. The Safety Dance, Men Without Hats 5. Right by Your Side, The Eurythmics

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from L.A. Women 1. Destination Unknown, Missing Persons 2. Johnny, Are You Queer?, Josie Cotton 3. Only the Lonely, The Motels 4. This Town, The Go-Go’s 5. Valley Girl, Frank Zappa and Moon Unit

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from the Past About the Future 1. Together in Electric Dreams, Phil Oakey and Giorgio Moroder 2. Major Tom, Peter Schilling 3. Einstein a Go-Go, Landscape 4. Living by Numbers, New Musik 5. Living on Video, Trans-X

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs About Nuclear Bombs 1. 99 Luftballoons, Nena 2. Two Tribes, Frankie Goes to Hollywood 3. Dancing with Tears in My Eyes, Ultravox 4. The Last Film I Ever Saw, Kissing the Pink 5. Red Skies, The Fixx

MIXTAPE: 5 More Sleazy Songs About Sex 1 . Relax, Frankie Goes to Hollywood 2. Can’t You See, Vicious Pink 3. No GDM, Gina X 4. Turning Japanese, The Vapors 5. The Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight, Dominatrix

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by English-as-a-Second-Language New Wavers 1. Rock Me Amadeus, Falco 2. The Great Commandment , Camouflage 3. Big in Japan, Alphaville 4. Firecracker, Yellow Magic Orchestra 5. Da Da Da, Trio

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from the Cold, Dark, Rain-Soaked Streets of Manchester 1. Hand in Glove, The Smiths 2. Homosapien, Pete Shelley 3. Time Goes by So Slow, The Distractions 4. A Songfrom Under the Floorboards, Magazine 5. Beasley Street, John Cooper Clarke

MIXTAPE: 5 Cover Versions of Smiths Songs 1 . Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, The Dream Academy 2. Hand in Glove, Sandie Shaw 3. You Just Haven’t Earned It Yet Baby, Kirsty MacColl 4. Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now, Act 5. Back to the Old House, Everything But The

MIXTAPE: 5 More Sad, Sniveling Slices of Self-Pity 1. There Is a Light That Never Goes Out, The Smiths 2. 10: 15 Saturday Night, The Cure 3. Heaven (I Want You), Camouflage 4. Victims, Culture Club 5. Voices Carry, ’Til Tuesday Janov’s theories go along with the tabula rasa theory

MIXTAPE: 5 More John Hughes Soundtrack Songs 1. Oh Yeah, Yello ( Ferris Bueller’s Day Off) 2. Eighties, Killing Joke (Weird Science) 3. If You Were Here, Thompson Twins (Sixteen Candles) 4. I Go Crazy, Flesh for Lulu (Some Kind of Wonderful) 5. Catch My Fall, Billy Idol (Some Kind of Wonderful)

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs About Cities 1. Moskow Disco, Telex 2. Drowning in Berlin, The Mobiles 3. The Paris Match, Style Council 4. Get Out of London, Intaferon 5. Walking in L.A., Missing Persons

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from Down Under 1. Under the Milky Way, The Church 2. I Got You, Split Enz 3. Down Under, Men at Work 4. Send Me an Angel, Real Life 5. Streets of Your Town, The Go-Betweens

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs by Three -Piece Groups 1. Smalltown Boy, Bronski Beat 2. Tunnel of Love, Fun Boy Three 3. Robert De Niro’s Waiting, Bananarama 4. Life in a Northern Town, The Dream Academy 5. Sonic Boom Boy, Westworld

MIXTAPE: 5 More Songs from Scotland 1. Party Fears Two, The Associates 2. Don’t Talk to Me About Love, Altered Images 3. Forest Fire, Lloyd Cole and the Commotions 4. Candy Skin, Fire Engines 5. Oblivious, Aztec Camera

MIXTAPE: 5 More Last-Gasp New Wave Songs 1. Shattered Dreams , Johnny Hates Jazz 2. How Can I Fall, Breathe 3. ( I Just) Died in Your Arms Tonight, Cutting Crew 4. Your Love, The Outfield 5. Two of Hearts, Stacey Q