Nintendo NES Sound Effect and Bumper Explosion

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  • Grab all the nintendo music files from, Akumu's NSF Archive, Kevin Horton's NSF collection, Slick NSFe collection,
  • Consolidate them and try to remove duplicates by renaming/removing files that intersect when characters like " ", "_", "-", ",", etc are removed. Try not to remove duplicates that contain the bumpers and sfx as you leave files with just the songs. usu the song-only files are smaller than the full.
  • Manually remove other duplicates via eyeball without putting too much effort into it.- use an NSF player to render them to WAV.
  • Use SoX to perform some batch edits on the folder of newly rendered WAVs. I wrote a script to remove the silence at the beginning and ends of the files then normalize to -3db to save space and save time editing if you want to use them as samples in music apps like trackers or ableton live.
  • Enjoy your ~20,000 new sfx and bumpers. Make new music with them. Put them on your cellphone and annoy your friends. Listen to them on random for days. Put them in your own games and projects.

There are still quite a few duplicates whether sounds were simply reused between games, or some duplicate games were not removed; ex: megaman v rockman or oblique abbreviations. The six digit counter at the end of each filename is simply an identifier that helps differentiate between the files which would otherwise have the same name. It would be nice if they were named with fewer digits and started at 001 per title, but that was not an option with the wav renderer and would require a relatively complex script or much manual labor to perform after-the-fact.