How to Avoid Going Insane

If you own an LG G3 Android smartphone, and you employ standard headphones without a built-in mic or controls, you may run into an issue where your music app may randomly pause, play, stop, skip-forward and skip-back while in your pocket. You may have tried removing/reinserting multiple times, cleaning the headphone plug, bending it, cleaning the jack, testing applications to disable the remote control feature completely, or nearly throwing your phone through the freezer door of the pizza aisle at the grocery store. The problem may not appear for days, then when you need most to block out the sounds coming from the rest of the world, your phone starts to mock you.

If you look more closely, you'll notice that sometimes standard earphones, probably based off some very tight tolerances of the conductivity or size of the headphone plug, will be incorrectly recognized as a headset with microphone.

If you push the plug in nearly all the way, wait a moment for it to be detected with the correct icon, then push it in all the way in, it will nearly always be detected as the correct type of earphone.

Note the shape of the headphone icon in the notification area:

Again with the method of waiting a moment for detection: